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Building a live AR experience to bolster audience interaction during classical performances.

  • Philadelphia
  • Drexel
  • Curtis
  • Hololens

Building interactive experiences for the Microsoft Hololens, to accompany live musical inputs. We are aiming to enrich audience immersion into a live performance of an organ composition. Using augmented reality we've worked closely with composer Chelsea Komschlies to help visualize her world through the pieces creative process.

Artistic Vision

Develop supporting visuals for the music to extend the performance, without being a distraction for the listener.

Musical Input

Allow live inputs of MIDI data from the performance to manipulate the scene. Providing a uniquely timed experience to each recital.

Audience Interaction

Encourage audience interaction with the scene, making each experience more unique.

Leveraging The Industries Leading Technology


Microsoft's mixed reality smart glasses.

Digital Organ

Receiving data from any MIDI compatible instrument


3D computer graphics engine, for building all scene assets.


3D game engine, programming scene behavior.