Bunkered In At Curtis Institute

This week we were able to get to Curtis twice for a six and eight hour time slot. Having the room for longer allowed us to setup and make adjustments in one meeting comfortably. During this time we focused on addressing comments from the previous weeks critique, and controlling the Hololens scene with the actual Organ we will use during the performance.

During our mid-term faculty critique we received a lot of similar comments about the general asset style being too simplistic. At the time much of our models were highly saturated and unsaturated, making the scene feel plain and a little cartoony. Over the next few weeks we will be updating the general texture style to meet a new look, this week several were already put in place.

Having previously gotten to test the Hololens scene with anything MIDI we could get our hands on (electric keyboards, DJ equipment, and MIDI mobile apps) we were eager to test on the recently confirmed organ to be used during the performance. Using the general MIDI control we’ve already setup based on other devices, once the organ was hooked up it was able to control the scene right away.